I began my yoga practice in 1997 when I traveled to England to study in London. There I was introduced to Iyengar Yoga. Since then I have been carrying out my life-long inquiry into the way of yoga through the many opportunities I had to study with inspiring teachers as well as through self-practice. In 2007 I completed my yoga teacher training with Triyoga UK. It was an intensive 18 months long training and an incredible journey of growth. I feel so blessed to have studied with my teachers: Anna Ashby, Joey Miles, Calos Pomeda and Chris Swain.

In my yoga teaching, good foundation, safe alignments and breath awareness meditation are the focus. I encourage students to explore steadiness, evenness and expansion both in between and within their poses. Yoga for me is the ease of doing, and being in simplicity. My yoga practice helps me understand the movement of my mind, my thoughts and ego. Teaching and practicing yoga gives me the opportunity to unlearn habits, cultivate detachment and share from the heart.

Buddhist philosophy is the way of life I appreciated and carry with me into my daily practices.

In the past decade I moved from yoga into dance and dance into yoga. Today I consider myself a passionate dancer of life. I spent 10 years (2000 - 2010) in London and had the opportunity to explore and experience many styles of contemporary dance and movement practices. .

I chose to deepen my journey by practicing and teaching yoga, DANCEmandala, Shedance and Biodanza. I also give time to my practice of QiGong and Gabrielle Roth's Five rhythms whenever I can. I consider all these are movement as a spiritual practice. They are methods with much in common and with the same ultimate outcome: Peacefulness!

I'm currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I teach mainly at the Yoga Tree. www.theyogatree.org






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